Hidden Room Cameras - Hidden Camera

A hidden camera is placed so that they can shoot people without their knowledge. A camera is called "hidden" because it is invisible to the person filmed (too distant, placed behind aas have been integrated in series mobile phones, which can unobtrusively take pictures by pretending to use her phone. For images shot on the highway, the most common technique is to shoot through the back windows of a van, usually stationary. The latter is then called colloquially "submarine" (which gives the apocope "Submissions").

A webcam installed on a computer apparently extinguished can also be a hidden camera, since the victim did not know it works. This system is particularly used in a memorable scene from the movie American Pie, in which two fellow students observed changing attire. There are programs for that purpose, which trigger the capture when a motion is detected.

A hidden camera is connected to a device for viewing film footage (computer monitor or television), and most often to record (VCR, DVR). Transmission can possibly be wireless, in which ca one-way mirror or tinted glass) or it is discreetly integrated into another object.

They may be hidden in:

a) Fixed objects: objects of everyday life, naturally present in a home, and are generally not displaced (smoke detectors, motion, alarm clocks)
b) Moving objecn they are filmed. The hidden cameras are also used as a method of investigation in the field of journalism, where they can (most often by concealing its status as a journalist):

a) Be returned in places prohibited for journalists, reporters or tolerated but that the images are shot;

b) Either to confess to witnesses that they did not admit knowing that their words will be relayed, or acts to show that their authors do not commit in the presence of a camera, including fear of prosecution, reprisals or negative view of their families and society in general. These players are generally blurring, and their voices disguised, so that nobody could recognize them.ts: objects that are worn on (glasses, jewelry, hat, button, bag), such systems require a great miniaturization, and therefore costly, which makes little accessible to the general public.
 hidden. However, they are often hidden in the scenery, and candidates do not know where and whe

Besides journposes or for the personal pleasure of him who has placed either in order to disseminate;
e) To make a joalists, activists also use it as a way of exposing the facts of destabilizing power. The hidden cameras are also used, but in more marginal than the photographs by the paparazzi to show celebrities their privacy.


a) In the field of espionage and under police investigation;
b) In the field of investigative business in the mystery shopper
c) By researchers in ethnography and sociology, to study the behavior, without being biased by the presence of a camera;
d) Voyeuristic purke to a friend.

Whatever their use,
More recently, camerse the receiver will be located near (within a few hundred meters maximum). It can also be done online through the Internet in order to view the images remotely.

The hidden cameras are used for various purposes like CCTV. Candidates who participate voluntarily in a reality TV show know they are filmed, and the cameras are not reallyhidden cameras pose the problem of respect for privacy and image rights. Some emissions of hidden cameras and have led to trials or have been banned from broadcasting by people who had been trapped in situations they considered embarrassing.

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