Internet Marketing Lessons I Learnt From Grandma

Grandmothers have been the central figure of everyone's growing up years. They pamper you and teach you life's lessons more subtly than you can imagine. These words of wisdom, you will realize, come handy not only in day-to-day life but also in your profession.
As an internet marketing expert, I have been able to draw tremendous inspiration from the words of wisdom imparted from my grandmother and have found more than one occasions where I was able to leverage these learning's for the betterment of my work. Correlating these wise old sayings into my web promotions strategies have resulted in some really high-quality work.
1. Birds of the Same Feather, Flock Together -
As an owner of an online business or a website, your audience will judge you depending on the type of people you associate yourself with. Through you link-building, advertising and guest blogging initiatives, remember that you place yourself among the likes of other businesses, brands and websites which are perceived to be credible by internet users.
2. Don't put all your Eggs in one Basket-
This is an important lesson especially if you are an online business. Remember to diversify a little and create more than one streams of income. Even if you are looking at promoting yourself on platforms such as social media networks, simply making your presence felt on a single platform like Facebook is not sufficient. Consider other options such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube etc.
3. Procrastination is a Thief of Time
Do what you planned tomorrow, today. If you aren't being proactive about your marketing strategy, there is a member among your competition who is.
4. Two Heads are Better than One
If you are genuinely looking at scaling up your online project into something that is much bigger than your personal capacity, do not deter from outsourcing expertise of partnering with other ambitious parties who have the same business objectives as you do.
5. Don't Bite off More than You can Chew
Having said that, constantly undergo a reality check and master yourself in management to the extent that you are able to make correct strategic businesses for your online marketing project.
6. What Goes Around Comes Around
Maintain utmost standards in ethics while you are designing and implementing any internet based project. This should seep into your business practices in general. Good business practices will provide you good results and bad practices will not help you sustain in the long run.
7. The Early Bird Gets the Worm
Extremely applicable in today's dynamic business world, where it is important for you to launch your product before there's too much competition in your business segment.
While the internet has been the source of tremendous business growth around the world, it has also resulted in increase in competition and posed a number of other unique set of challenges. Traditional values and wisdom can come very handy for the most complex problems of modern business. Learn from them and leverage the wisdom for your own benefit.

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