The Latest Home Security Monitoring Software

Home security monitoring software generally works with a remote security surveillance camera, using basic webcam from Logitech, Microsoft, Labtech and others. This sort of software can change any webcam into a home security camera and you can detect movement of any sort. It can even email you when your security camera detects motion. It is difficult to say which software is capable of doing the best home security monitoring, but most of them are efficient and well-known in the market.
The companies which make home security monitoring software are SpyAgent, Home Genie, WebCam Spy and Telesoft Ltd. just to name a few. SpyAgent can be considered one of the best software companies, because its main feature is to monitor all computer usage and internet activity invisibly, and can indirectly be responsible for controlling home security monitoring.
The home security monitoring software called SoftCab Inc lets you spy on your web camera. It is ideal for the home security system and can be used for video surveillance. With the help of WebCam Spy it is possible to detect motion of any sort. A good home inventory and organizer program is provided by HomeGenie in which you can provide a plan of your home and have a digital and photo inventory of all your belongings at home for insurance purposes.
The software can actually record any information that you wish to store. The VirtGuard from RonvaSoft is also a digital surveillance system. It is excellent home security monitoring software because it can detect all motion, has the ability to save images and log events. It can filter false alarms; cover up movements which are unwanted and various alert functions.
uControl SMA Platform
This software includes home security, monitoring and automation (SMA) services. It can be used as home security monitoring software for all homes whether they have an existing wired alarm system or need a new one to be installed. There is the uControl Touch Screen which has an alarm system, communication gateway and home automation platform. It is about the same size as a traditional alarm keypad.
This screen can be put anywhere inside the home, it could be mounted on a wall or placed on a kitchen countertop. If the home does not have a security system, the Touch Screen becomes a complete wireless alarm system. It can communicate directly with wireless peripherals and sensors. If a security system already exists in the home, the Touch Screen is used in place of one of the existing keypads.
It takes control of all the equipment, sensors and wiring inside the houses. It can be accessed by remote control from any web browser or cell phone, and alerts can be sent to it by e-mail or SMS. Through this modern home security monitoring software, it is possible to check and control the security of your home from anywhere in the world.

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