Where Do You Start With Wind Power

To decide on the best wind turbine for your green energy system, you should first determine your power needs. How much electricity do you use on average? If you don?t know this you won?t be able te past months or years.

make your home as energy efficient as reasonably possible. If you can reduce your current energy usage you can also reduce the cost of your wind power system. Most of us can probably cucompany and they should be able to supply you with a summary of your power usage sage by 20 to 50 percent.
t our energy u
So how do you determine how much electric power you use?
 1. You could read your current meter on a periodic basis. 2. You can look at your electric bills and they should state the KWH (Kilowatt Hours) you use monthly. 3. You can contact your electric
We all know about efficiency methods. More efficient appliances and lighting, etc. Of course the discipline

Once you have an annual KWH usage number you can then research the best system for your particular power needs. You mayo decide on a system.
over th want to do a few things, however, before you commit to your green power system.

First  of just using less energy is probably the best method we can employ. You need to consider your own personal circumstances in regards to how efficient you can make your home.

That was the boring part of designing and building your system, next comes the fun part. Researching the technical aspects of wind power and designing a green power system. Swept area, rotor diameter, tower-top weight, rpm, oh boy is there ever a lot to learn.

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